Color blindness is a genetic condition that occurs in about eight percent of men and 0.5 percent of women. It is transmitted through a faulty chromosome and can be diagnosed by a simple color vision test. The vast majority of patients can see many colors, but have difficulty differentiating colors, especially red and green.

Color vision deficiency usually occurs when tiny cells within the retina (known as cones) do not work properly. In a normal eye, the cones will respond to red, green, or blue light, but if these cells are faulty, it will be difficult for the patient to identify certain shades. In 99 percent of cases, patients have difficulty identifying red and green, but blue color blindness is also common.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for color blindness, but it shouldn’t affect daily life too much. It is usually inherited and is present from birth; however, conditions such as diabetes and cataracts can cause changes in color vision. Therefore, if you notice anything unusual in your eyes, it is important that you book an eye test and see your optometrist urgently.

One of the most common tests for color blindness is called the Ishihara test. This is often used to diagnose red-green color blindness and is colour blindness glasses australia  popular with optometrists. During the test, you will be asked to observe a selection of plates with colored spots. Each plate will have a number of a slightly different color that can be seen by people with normal vision, but not by people with a color defect.

Each plate has a different color scheme and this helps the eye doctor determine which cells are affected. Most tests are quick, easy, and affective, so don’t be afraid to book an appointment today. If you think your children may have a color vision deficiency, always take them for testing. Your optometrist will likely use a revised version of the Ishihara test that replaces numbers with symbols and is suitable for children.

If you are diagnosed with color blindness, you may find it difficult to join the military or police. Various careers require good color vision, so be sure to do your research. Color vision deficiency can also affect your job if you are an electrician or designer, but it won’t hurt your overall vision.

Optometrists are trained to detect a number of eye conditions, so don’t hesitate to seek help and advice. It only has one pair of eyes, so it is important to take proper care of them.