Have you recently become addicted to an online game? Wish you could take it anywhere? The downside to some of the latest online games is that they just aren’t as portable as the ones that come on a portable gaming device like a Game Boy. Even if the actual game could be played on a laptop like a laptop or netbook, using the internet while on the go can be a problem. Whether you are bored in the car, on the train, or on the bus, having a game controller can be a real life saver. Having a portable gaming device can also go a long way to entertaining children who are likely to get anxious and uncomfortable while bored in the car. Getting stuck in traffic or just running errands can seem like torture not only to kids but also to mom and dad without any entertainment. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an internet service that works everywhere in the city, even while on the go, that children and adults alike could access at all times? Today it exists, in the form of 4G wireless Internet.

This new truly mobile broadband service offers users a high-speed Internet connection like the one they have at home. The only difference is that this connection is truly wireless. At home, even a Wi-Fi connection is just a brief break in the chain of cables necessary for a connection to occur. There must be some kind of internet connection to a router to a cable to a wall to a cable leading to a larger cable or DSL provider cable and finally connecting to all other internet cables around the world . For the first time, cables are eliminated with 4G wireless technology and users can truly enjoy a private and secure wireless connection from almost anywhere. This not only refers to any place in the house, but to any place in the city. Many cities in the US are already connected and more are added every day. The entire urban center is then a giant Internet zone, and each subscriber can connect from anywhere in the easiest way.

Unlike some specialized services, users can connect without purchasing any equipment except a mobile air card that is easily installed and used with any laptop or netbook. For the same amount of money you’re already paying for a home-only LAN www.ufabet.com  connection, you could have a fast, reliable connection that works both at home and on the go. Doesn’t everyone like the sound of a technology or utility that really does more for their money, instead of slowly taking away services and amenities while slowly and regularly increasing prices?