Video games are a unique phenomenon in this world. Video games can provide some pretty good entertainment, but they can also get addicted to kids, even adults. Maybe addiction is a negative thing we’ve heard about video games. However, do you know that games can make children smarter?

I am an engineering student. While in college I came across this phenomenon, where groups of students who liked to play games tend to get good grades in every lesson they have taken. Of course, it doesn’t mean that non-video gamers are stupid and will get poor grades in their lessons, this is just the fact that playing games could help improve brain activity.

There are many methods that can help shape the brain so that a person becomes smarter and more confident. One is the neuro language program (NLP). Basically, the human brain has tremendous ability, but it requires the configuration of the brain so that it can receive all the UFA information effectively. As was NLP, NLP uses the method of how to program one’s mood with positive thinking so that the brain receives positive signals so that the brain works better because the signal is positive. Even the most popular today is how to program the use of the midbrain. In many books it is mentioned that the midbrain has a very high potential to improve human intelligence.

Basically, a person’s brain requires a pattern or steps that could configure the brain to work better. And what about Einstein who didn’t follow NLP or any similar program but was a genius? Did you know that Einstein had activities that can program his brain to think positive? He was always happy with the activities that he did in the form of research or other activities that he enjoyed.

We need an expensive investment to follow any kind of NLP or similar program. But there is a way to free the brain effectively and for free, is through online games. Online games can activate the nerve of the brain because it allows you to think of strategies to win games and everything is done by the players in a happy and entertaining state. When playing online games, the brain will function more actively and inadvertently in a happy and unloaded state. However, to have a positive impact in the classroom, children must learn enough. By playing online games, the brain will be actively working to make it easy to accept the lesson material.