Stainless steel sheet can be used for a myriad of useful and practical purposes. It is used to produce thousands of different products including vehicles, tanks, fences, medical tables, plate armor and roofs. Normally purchased in rectangles of different sizes, stainless steel usually needs to be cut to the correct size for the construction of the products.

Plasma Cutters – A plasma torch cuts steel and other metals using a stable gas and sometimes compressed air, blown at high speed from a nozzle and an electric arc is produced through the gas, turning some of the gas into plasma. The plasma is hot enough to melt the cut into the metal and moves fast enough to blow the molten metal away from the cut.

Waterjet cutters – Waterjet cutters work by combining a high speed, high pressure jet of water with an abrasive substance. It copies natural water erosion in nature, but is extremely concentrated and accelerated. It is environmentally friendly because there is no hazardous waste and it only uses a small amount of water as it is recycled via a closed loop system. Waterjet cutters can cut anything from rubber, plastic and foam, to many different metals and stones.Water Jet Cutter

Circular Saws – Modern circular saws cut stainless steel sheet without heat or without the need for any coolant. They come in many different sizes for different thicknesses of steel and are easily used at home for DIY projects and other small jobs, or by professional builders.

Laser Cutters – Highly precise, computer-controlled laser cutting allows you to easily handle very fine cutting details. Laser cutting machines work with a gas laser obtained by mixing CO2 and other gases such as nitrogen and helium.

Industrial Cutters – For steel that is too thick for commercial cutters you may need to take it to a processing unit of an industrial factory to be cut for you.

There are several solutions to choose from to help you cut stainless steel sheets for your jobs. Be aware of the thickness of the stainless steel sheet you need to cut before you go out and buy a new cutter. Most retailers will know which of the blades they sell is right for you.