A CPR recertification is often required after a year, although some companies offer more durable certificates. The type of recertification you seek depends on your needs and the requirements of the company or organization you work for. Healthcare professionals usually need to obtain re-certification of their CPR certificates to learn the specific requirements for CPR procedures for different cases.

Usually a person seeking a CPR recertification course tends to start at the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. Both of these organizations are well known and have set standards for CPR training as well as CPR certification. Apart from these two main organizations there are many others that offer various types of certification courses, so it is very important to know which recertification you are looking for and what is needed in your company.

Recertification programs are available for business owners, employees who must meet ASHI requirements, healthcare professionals, and even individuals who wish to be recertified for various other reasons.

The American Safety and Health Institute is also a well-known and respected resource for obtaining CPR Chicago recertification. This organization works with health care companies, government agencies and other organizations to provide CPR training for individuals. The courses given by any organization depend on the location and also on the needs of the person.

In addition to government organizations, there are also private companies that offer authentic courses that meet ASHI requirements. Although you should make sure that the private company offering the CPR recertification course is certified with ASHI and even if your company accepts recertification from that company.

CPR training for recertification can also be obtained from Red Cross organizations located around the world. The latest trend is online education. Many companies offer a mixed course of online and on-site test courses. The videos and content provided on the CPR training site are approved and recognized by many emergency systems.

Training professionals from the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, or ASHI sometimes evaluate a person or group of candidates who have applied for CPR recertification and completed online video training. This is done to make sure that all the skills needed to be certified are met. Many sites’ online training programs require a candidate to already be certified by the Red Cross, American Heart Association, Medic First Aid, or ASHI. Recertification usually takes up to a year or so depending on the course you are taking, after which you must repeat the recertification.

A typical recertification test consists of 2 stages. The first is the written test, in which the candidate is asked various questions about the basics of CPR. This is designed to make sure that people requesting recertification are familiar with up-to-date CPR techniques. They know when to do it, how to do it and how they deal with situations other than normal situations; like children who are unable to breathe. This usually consists of a multiple choice question sheet so that candidates can choose from several likely answers for each question.