Isn’t it great to think back to when you were a kid? The thrill of playing with toy guns! Whether it’s a military machine gun, a six-shot western or a space laser pistol … those memories will never die. Just like the thrill of finding action figures, farm toys, etc., so is the thrill of finding that special toy gun!

Is it always nice to meet other toy gun collectors? Gaining new experiences and ideas is priceless when it comes to building your collection. What a rush to buy, sell and trade! How pleasant it is to be with other collectors who share the same “passion”. Always remember to network with other collectors. Have lots of fun as you collect new ideas and treasures which in turn will make your collection “bigger and better”.

Let’s begin!

You might feel a little nervous if you start out as a beginner, but you can do it! Remember we all had to have a starting point. Before heading out too quickly, we recommend that a great place to start would be your best interest. For example: if you like toy guns, what kind of toy guns do you like best? Replica toy guns might be interesting for you. And what about science fiction inspiration? Your options are endless when it comes to collecting toy guns because the market is huge!

Many collectors start with the “wild west” theme. Many “cowboy” guns come in black, silver, and gold, and these toys usually have holsters and belt straps. Usually thin and shiny, these toy guns have a worn, vintage look.

Guns are beautiful but rifles add special character to any collection. Find a balance between pistols and shotguns as this will make your toy gun set collection even more interesting. You should remember that cowboy-themed toy guns aren’t limited to handguns or revolvers.

Themes within the collections

Having a theme for your collection is an option, however, you may want to categorize your collection based on the type of gun. There are basically three main categories of weapons to choose from: shotguns, pistols, and high-powered firearms.

A little more difficult to find is the high-powered weapon replica category. With a keen eye, always try to improve your collecting skills. Never say never! Try specialty stores and of course the Internet if you want to start collecting such toy guns.

Since the seventies gun manufacturers have been able to easily mimic existing gun models giving you the most variety. Since good manufacturers pay a lot of attention to detail, you’ll come across toy gun replicas that look almost exactly like the target gun model. This adds shotguns as a great category to your weapon collection.

You may find someone who says “having a ‘Theme Collection’ is too difficult”. Never say never! Your collection has greater growth potential by adding themes. Have you ever read anything about a rule that says. “Is only one theme allowed?” Perish the thought! Choose multiple themes at once to continuously improve your toy gun collection.

For example, if you are a Star Wars fan and already have numerous action figures, you can add laser blasters and other weapons to your other collection to add variety to your Star Wars memorabilia collection and in the process; you will also add variety to your toy gun collection.