Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), although included as a first aid training topic, is one of the most essential life-saving skills a person can have. CPR classes are conducted by many health care facilities and other government organizations and companies. Some of these places only offer basic CPR training, while others offer both basic and advanced classes. Depending on your needs and your financial constraints, you can choose the type of course you want to do.

Basic CPR training requires only five to six hours of class. An extra couple of hours also completes your advanced training. Although there are many courses available, it is advisable to choose the one conducted by the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross as they are well known. In case there are no courses conducted by these organizations in your locality, you can choose another reputable course to do your training from.

Here are four tips for choosing the right CPR class to participate in.

• CPR training will enable you to be prepared for many unforeseen emergencies. You will be able to manage them efficiently and calmly. Reputable institutions will give you the proper training and long hours of practice on dummies so that you are equipped to handle emergency situations.

• Most CPR courses only talk about CPR for adults. However, if you regularly care for children, it is good to take a course that also covers CPR for children. The number of compressions and the amount of pressure vary in children and adults. Home is a safe place, but there are many accidents there too and it’s best to be prepared.

• Lessons demonstrate techniques with the help of videos. You can clarify any doubts after the demonstrations by asking your support for help, so that you understand all the techniques clearly. It is essential that CPR is administered accurately to avoid various complications.

• Determine your specific requirements before enrolling in a CPR class. It might be a good idea to enroll in the basic course first and then move on to the advanced one. This will make it easy to understand the techniques involved.

After CPR administration, if the victim regains consciousness, it is still recommended that they be checked by a doctor. It is up to the doctor to ascertain whether this is normal and no longer needs medical attention.CPR Classes Chicago

The Internet has become a very convenient way to take a CPR class. Well-known institutions offer CPR training through the online medium. Online lessons are generally free or cost or have a minimal fee. Online training is especially convenient if you have a full time job as you can complete the course on your own time and when you prefer. If you want, you can also opt for evening or weekend classes.

Online courses can be divided into smaller classes and taken within a set time frame. The institutions provide the required study materials online for your benefit. Once you have completed the course, you will be issued a certificate and will be CPR certified.