Home energy efficiency analyses by EnerGuide

A comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective house is one that is energy-efficient. An EnerGuide home audit will help you understand how your home is currently using energy and identify retrofits to assist enhance energy efficiency.

An energy advisor will evaluate your home from the basement to the attic. This will provide you with an EnerGuide rating for your home as well as an energy efficiency report to assist you in making decisions about potential upgrades.

What to anticipate from your house inspection

After you arrange your appointment, the service organisation may contact you via phone or email to do a pre-evaluation.

The following are the evaluation’s key steps:

An energy advisor who is registered with Natural Resources and a representative of the service organisation you chose to book your evaluation performs the EnerGuide evaluation. Your energy expert will appear to your home on the agreed-upon date and time. If you need to cancel or postpone your evaluation appointment, call the service organisation or your authorised energy advisor immediately.

If you have a wood-burning appliance, please remove any ashes from the fireplace/appliance before the energy adviser arrives so that they are not pulled into the house during the blower door test. Please also clear access to any difficult-to-reach areas that the service organisation or energy advisor has mentioned are critical in your pre-evaluation phone call or email discussions.

The energy advisor will provide you with a homeowner consent form, known as the Notice to Homeowner. Read, comprehend, and, if you agree with the terms, sign the form, which is required to allow the evaluation.

Before beginning, the energy adviser will go through the scope, intent, and estimated time of the evaluation, as well as the basic data gathering methodology. All data and photos gathered during the evaluation are strictly secured in accordance with all applicable privacy laws. The exterior of your home, its mechanical systems, the attic area, and any wood-burning equipment, if present, will be photographed. These photographs are only for record keeping and quality assurance. One photo of the front of your house will be taken for inclusion in your personalised report.

During the review, you and your energy advisor can discuss any plans or goals you have for home energy efficiency modifications.

If you are interested, the energy advisor will describe the instruments needed to complete the evaluation, including the blower door testing equipment used to verify your home’s airtightness. If you have any queries concerning the evaluation, please contact your energy advisor.


The façade of your home is frequently evaluated first, followed by the interior. The energy adviser will measure and collect data on all aspects of your home that affect its energy performance, and then enter that data into an energy simulation software programme that generates your home’s EnerGuide rating. Among the information gathered are:

A blower door test to determine the amount of airtightness in your home;

The amounts of insulation in your walls, ceilings, and basement;

The number, kind, and position of all exterior windows and doors;

The dimensions and energy efficiency ratings of your space heating, cooling (air conditioning), and water heating equipment;

Any ventilation equipment details; and

Anyother information relevant to the energy performance of your home

During the examination, the energy adviser will validate the locations of attic, basement/crawl space accesses, mechanical equipment, and so on with you. They may request that you assist in giving safe and unobstructed access to these locations if clear access has not been established in advance.

If you have a fuel-fired space heating system or a fuel-fired water heating system, the space heating system must be turned down or turned off, and the fuel-fired water heating system must be turned down to avoid the equipment burning during the blower door test. This is due to the blower door fan potentially interfering with the normal function of your gas appliances and causing safety hazards during the examination. At the end of the test, all equipment will be reset to its pre-evaluation settings.

During the blower door test, please do not use any fuel-fired space heating or water heating appliances. Please do not, for example, turn up your furnace thermostat, take a bath or shower, use the dishwasher, or use your clothes washing machine.

Please do not use any wood-fired or other solid-fuel-fired appliances in your home throughout the evaluation.

Following the completion of the evaluation, your energy adviser may discuss any related programme information with you, including survey requests. Please feel free to ask your energy advisor any queries you may have. If they don’t know the solution, they can guide you in the correct way or contact you later.

Before concluding, the energy adviser will confirm any pertinent information that was collected as part of their data collection. You must prepare the following items ahead of time for the evaluation:

To validate ownership of the home, provide your municipal property tax roll number.


All paid invoices and receipts for goods and services linked to your energy efficiency renovations, if applicable. These are required if you are taking part in a rebate or incentive programme that involves a post-retrofit evaluation and requires proof of the changes you’ve made.

Prepare your house for the home inspection.

In order for an energy advisor to do an EnerGuide review on your property, the following conditions must be met:

Access —A clear way must be provided to all attic spaces, crawl spaces, mechanical equipment, and other difficult-to-reach regions. If you are unsure about what information the energy advisor will require, please contact your service provider.

Heating – At the time of the evaluation, your property must have, at the very least, a space heating system capable of keeping the interior living space at 22 degrees Celsius.

Windows and doors – All windows and doors must be functioning properly. (A maximum of one window or door may be missing as long as it is temporarily covered and air-sealed.) Broken window panes must be air-sealed during the blower

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